home theater

Get the theater experience you’ve been envisioning

Installing and configuring a home theater system is no easy task – so enlist the experts to help! APCtronix specializes in home theater installs throughout the region including providing equipment, optimizing the system and everything else you need create the perfect retreat for you.

Building a new home?

Customize the layout and design of your home theater system from the ground up! Before your walls are closed and painted, get your system pre-wired so you have a clean, uniformed look that matches your room’s decor.

Breathe new life into an old system

  Don’t spend thousands of dollars to take advantage of new technology! APCtronix has the technology to enable your existing system to stream audio from your iPhone or Android device. You can even find similar products to include those same features in your vehicle!

Reduce the clutter

Constantly searching for the ‘right’ remote can be extremely frustrating – so condense them down to one! Customized to fit your audio/video system, you can choose from the Logitech Harmony family of remote controls or even apps for your smart phone or tablet. One button – one remove – one solution.

Get Free TV!

Are you tired of paying outrageous monthly charges to your cable company or satellite TV provider?  Cut the cable, and get your favorite TV shows for free!  APCtronix can show you how to get HDTV with a one time investment that will pay for itself many times over.  No more price increases, no more lost channels…give us a call and we can give you all the details!

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