Get your computer or network running smoothly

  Malfunctioning computers can be very frustrating to deal with, especially if you don’t know what’s wrong to begin with. Trust the professionals at APCtronix to help get your unit back to normal and say goodbye to the unending frustration.

Our factory trained technicians can clean up your system, removing malicious software and viral infections, thus restoring it to its proper working state. APCtronix can even assist you in replacing a system when you decide it’s time move on!

Available repair services include:

• Virus removal
• Data transfer
• Restoration services
• Hardware upgrades [RAM, video card, hard drive, etc.]


Personalized for you!

APCtronix even custom builds new PCs to customer specification!

Customize your new computer to your needs! Add extra storage for a lot of photos, increase space for photo editing software, and even add faster processors and more RAM to accommodate your gaming requirements.

For carry-in service, please contact our service center at Flemington Electronics.  Click the logo above to find out more!


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